Saturday, September 5, 2009


We are excited about this years Super Saturday! We are planning on 8 "super" crafts and hopefully you will find a few cute and affordable items you would like to make.
We tried to include items that would make great handmade affordable Christmas gifts as well. Since this year we are ordering a lot of the items online we need to get a count on how many we need way in advance. So, please scroll through the 8 items below and leave us a comment with your name and how many you would like.


These were a hit last year so we thought we would do them again. We think they are a great Grandparent gift when you use family photos!
Cost: 2 for $1.00

Recipe Binder

We think these would be a great way to store all those magazine clippings and online recipes we like to print out!
Cost: $4.00

These adorable photoclips will come in a 4 pack. You can customize them to whatever you want to say. We are thinking "Fall" Or "Love" would be great ones.
Cost: $3.50

Beautiful Wall art

We will be doing these really easy and cute custom wall art. They are made out of light weight syrafoam. We will have some scrapbook paper available, but if you want to customize to match your home you should bring your own paper or family photos, or color ribbon you want for the edges. We have to know if you want to make these by the end of September due to a demand for the supplies. Thanks!
Price: 3 pictures (12X12) for $11.50

Artwork Display Board

Moms and Grandmas will LOVE these boards. It gives them somewhere to display all those precious art projects that fill up refrigerator doors. These measure 8" x 18" and are completely customizable. Another idea for those that have a lot of children.. you can put "Look what we made" or "Look what I made"
These will be $7.50
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Friday, September 4, 2009

These countdown blocks will include the paper, if you would rather bring your own paper than subtract one dollar when you order the kit.
These will be $8.00
(pictures courtesy of


These will make a great family gift!

Final cost $11.00

Mod Podge Frames

We will be making these cute Picture frames. Wood frame and all supplies will be included. We also will have an assortment of scrapbook paper to choose from, or you may bring your own paper to make yours unique!
Cost: $2.50 a frame